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How did you come up with the name of the band?  The term Chain Gang does have a not-so-pleasant meaning.  Most of you would know the definition as a bunch of prisoners working on the side of a road, or doing some community service relative to hard labor. Well, our name has *nothing* to do with that.  When the band was formed, back in 1999, all the band members worked for IBM.

Doug always wanted to form an IBM band, and when Y2K was approaching, it was the perfect reason to form a small band as we were a part of a Y2K recognition event.  The organization we were in was called the Integrated Supply Chain, hence the play on the word “chain”.   The Chain Gang was born from a technology and manufacturing based organization.  We had no intention at that time to play another gig, but we had too much fun doing it.  
We are still here -- years later -- performing throughout the Hudson Valley and Connecticut.   In order to retain the band's identity, we decided to leave the name as it was because we had an immediate following. 

©the chain gang

The Chain Gang

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