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Freedom Park Billy Joel Tribute

Good to see you tonight and you and your band sounded amazing!!! You have a great voice and there were many times I thought you sounded just like BJ. Your voice is strong, you have great control and it was a true pleasure to listen to you sing.


Mark Raisch

St Joseph's Festival, New Paltz

You guys were terriffic at St. Joseph's. I look forward to seeing you as a group at one of your next "gigs".


Linda T. - Fishkill, NY

We ALL enjoyed the concert and cannot wait for the next one!   I sat myself in the back so I could dance the whole night!  There was this cute little girl of about 8 years old, and she just went to town on your music!   She danced every song!   I told my girlfriend that she's a Go-Go Dancer in training!!!  And when a slow song came on, I danced slow with her...

You guys are really so incredibly talented and we all loved the tutorial you gave on all the songs and the groups........we all learned so much about our favorite musical artists......... please, please continue to do that for your next concert.... we all look forward to that.... I know it's a lot of work, but well worth it because we all learn from you guys and we appreciate it so much!

Joaquim M. - Brazil

Well, last 2004 I was in Fishkill and could watch the 1st ChainGang Rock show...something unforgettable. When I left US I brought with me a CD with your songs, something I m listening to every week..


Yesterday I was searching for some songs on the Internet and suddenly I've found that Electric Light Orchestra - Evil Woman: Man, the original song is

far away from what you've recorded.. I did not have a chance to compare them and I was really happy to see how good your songs are.


I am sure you know already that the ChainGang is the best but I just wanted to confirm that..


Hope to be in another show in the future.. Congratulations again to you and the team.. If you have other CDs please let me know where to buy them.

Donato - Brooklyn

You and your buddies were GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Keep up the excellent work.....we REALLY enjoyed your show and your music brought back alot of

memories of me growing up in Broooklyn and the music we all listened to.....


Thanks again for a fabulous show......

Jan F. - Poughkeepsie

went to the concert last Friday evening. We enjoyed immensely!!! It was a great evening. We loved the Beatle Anthology. You do a tremendous job.

Sherry S. - Poughkeepsie

excellent concert - thoroughly enjoyed your talents and the music - you all are professionals by far - please pass the word - looking forward to the next event when you play!  Thank you!



Guys, the music and ability for the Chain Gang to get the crowd up and moving exceeded my expectations.

You guys are not only talented but great entertainers!

I got many comments about how good you guys were, and how great /friendly you both were to everyone. And the girls loved the fact that Dion stayed after to 'wobble'. (better him than me).


Thanks for playing songs from the song list and the extra work involved in doing a couple of the songs that you hadn't done before.


Please also pass my thanks to Dion (great talent!), Dan (whose arrangements are amazing), and Tom (who can rock it out with the best of them).


We will be sure to see you soon at one of your local venues!

Beatles Tribute at Arlington High School 


Hi.  From one Beatle-maniac to another,  Kelly and I wanted to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed your Beatles Tribute show Saturday night at AHS.  As the lads themselves would have said, it was fab and gear! You really captured the vibe, and your vocal harmonies and playing were spot on - really impressive!  Maybe the wigs and accents helped?  Thanks for a magical evening and for keeping some of the best music of the past century alive.  Although every generation thinks their music is the best,  it's an indisputable fact in our case! 


William Lappan

Sam, Doug, Dan, Tom, and Chris - Thank you so much for your awesome performance at my daughter's wedding on Saturday at Dutchess Manor. Everyone had a marvelous time. The kids enjoyed the classic tunes as much as their Woodstock generation parents and your covers were impeccable! During the reception, I received numerous unsolicited compliments (the best kind) on the incredible band, and even the next day at the 'morning-after' brunch folks were still commenting on how great the band was! Several people said it was the best wedding they'd ever attended - and I mean even old jaded wedding veterans like myself. I especially want to thank Sam for keeping the crowd entertained and motivated to get up and dance and for his good natured tolerance and patience accommodating the ubiquitous drunk uncles from both the bride's and groom's families who apparently believed Sam's microphone was community property! An amazing time was had by all! Thank You, The Chain Gang Band! 


Bill Lappan



Hi Sam.


I didn't get a chance to congratulate you on Saturday night, but I was there - and it was a fantastic concert. You and your group are amazing and I felt privileged to be there. Please put me on your mailing list so I can hear more of you - while I am a Beatles fan, I really enjoyed 

hearing your other music!

Thank you again, and congratulations!!


Benmarl Winery

You guys were great at BenMarl.  We will be coming to see you at Dockside with either one or two additional couples. 


Best Regards, 


Private Party, New Paltz

You guys did a fabulous job! The party was a huge hit! We look forward to seeing you again!

Also, feel free to use me as a reference.



Joe D. Newburgh, NY and Florida

....... extremely impressed every time you perform.  It is clear by the reaction you got tonight that my sentiments are shared by many, including our friends who joined us tonight. Yeah the production and theme was really good as well as the orchestration/organization of the whole event.  But what really resonates with me is the depth, breadth, and quality of the music.

Pat B. - Fishkill, NY

Thank you so much for bringing the Chain Gang back ...........  I had a great evening, and so did my guests who rushed all the way home from White Plains to get here on time.  They came to the first concert and were thrilled to be in the audience again.  One of them said to me, "this almost makes me feel like getting married again so that I can invite them to play at our wedding" (they are both happily married to each other).

The music was terrific, the lighting really set it off, and I loved learning some history behind the artists and the song lyrics.  Thanks to all of you for sharing your talent and bringing some joy and excitement to the workplace.

Hope you'll do it again!

Don G. - Fishkill

Thank you and the rest of The Chain Gang for another excellent evening of entertainment. Obviously you all enjoy performing and it's great to watch both the giving and receiving of the gift you guy's have. Thanks again,

Steve D. - Poughkeepsie

You guys did a great job. My wife and I had a very enjoyable evening. The music was terrific! Thank you.

Larry F.


AWESOME NIGHT!!!! In fact, every night La Puerto Azul meets The Chain Gang, it’s a great night! However, tonight might have been the best night yet! (they just keep getting better) Let’s face it, The Chain Gang Rules!! When Sam, Doug, Dan, Tom, & Dion play, its music to your ears. The lead vocal sounds like the original artist, the harmonies come in with precision and perfect pitch, and their personalities and personal touch rope in the audience. It’s obvious they are having fun, and in turn, their audience has a blast!!!! Once again, well done guys!!!!!!

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